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  • London Medical – Winner Private Healthcare Awards 2018

    London Medical have won two awards at the 2018 Private Healthcare Awards, Diabetes Clinic of the Year and Diagnostic Outpatient Clinic of the Year. https://www.ghp-news.com/2017-private-healthcare-awards-2018

  • Record your insulin pen use on a smartphone

    A new Easylog disposable pen monitor, that fits on most common pen injectors, used to deliver insulin and GLP1 agonists, has just been passed for use in the EU.   The Easylog device, transfers the data on dose and time and date delivered, to a user’s smart phone for review at any time.   This information is… Read more »

  • Open Evening for Medical Professionals Wednesday 21st February 2018 6.00pm to 8pm

    OPEN NETWORKING EVENING AT LONDON MEDICAL 49 Marylebone High Street, London W1U 5HJ Wednesday 21st February 2018 6.30pm to 8pm We know Independent doctors are faced with increasing costs of operating their practice, not only the high rents and rates in London but also the requirements from government such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC)… Read more »

  • TYPE 2 DIABETES INSIGHTS DAY 24th February 2018

    Find out about the latest treatments and technologies for type 2 diabetes from our expert team. Suitable for people with type 2 diabetes and their families. or anyone concerned regarding their risk of type 2 diabetes. Interactive presentations and your chance to have your questions answered by the team. Full agenda for the day will be… Read more »

  • Obesity: a global crisis

    As this map over time illustrates, obesity isn’t just a national problem; it’s a global one. According to this particular research (Galka, 2017), the average adult is three times more likely to be obese today than they were in 1975, when initial data was collected. For the UK in particular, the figures move from 9% in… Read more »

  • When might you need to see an Ophthalmologist?

    Most of us will never bump into an Ophthalmologist, that is, roughly 3% of the population who knowingly suffer from an Ophthalmologist disease. With this in mind, it’s unlikely that the other 97% will come into contact, or even take the time to find out what the word means. Because let’s be honest, it’s not the… Read more »

  • Reverse your Type 2 Diabetes

    Type 2 Diabetes is commonly referred to as a chronic, progressive condition that’s with you for life. In reality, it’s a disease that’s reversible; it’s not easy, but it’s possible. You’ve probably already heard from your consultant that it’s all about a healthy diet and an active lifestyle – and it is about these things – but there are… Read more »

  • Exercise and diabetes

    Did you know that exercise is a brilliant form of medicine? It effectively increases insulin sensitivity, whilst combatting post-meal glucose spikes and even more; it allows for more fulfilling and restful sleep and it can give you a sense of pride and achievement. Most importantly, however, it can be fun and enjoyable. Blood glucose control… Read more »

  • What is Advanced Lipid Analysis?

    Standard lipid testing is a well-established way to predict and manage risk in cardiovascular disease (CVD). However, despite standard lipid testing’s generally decent track record, a large portion of cardiovascular disease cases remain unaddressed. To counter the limitations of standard testing, some practitioners prefer advanced lipoprotein analysis: a more intuitive way of predicting risk and individualising therapy for CVD prevention. It’s also able… Read more »

  • Diabetes Insights Day Recap

    Following the success of our London Diabetes Centre insights day, we wanted to share some of the information and highlights that were captured live on the day. Our experts had a whole lot to say! Rest assured there’ll be more to come: we’ll be recapping more on Twitter and Facebook next week, and creating new blogs for… Read more »