For Patients

If you’re thinking of coming to London Medical, there are a few things you might find useful. Here, you’ll find a whole host of information about private medical care, our process and terms, as well as a glossary for any terminology you’re unfamiliar with.


  • Strength in numbers

    You can meet the outstanding individuals who will treat you at London Medical here. But we thought you might also be interested in a few facts and figures that demonstrate the exceptional breadth and depth of expertise we bring together under one roof, here at our clinic . . . Our clinical team consists of… Read more »

  • Heart disease prevention: world-class risk assessment and protection

    How healthy is your heart? Whether you have reason for concern, such as high cholesterol, or you would just like to be sure you are in good cardiac shape, London Medical is right at the leading edge of cardiovascular disease prevention. Our cardiac consultants are among the most eminent currently practising in London; and, as… Read more »

  • Other heart matters: world-class expertise in cardiology

    Together with our established international reputation as the specialist clinic for the accurate assessment of cardiovascular risk, London Medical provides world-class expertise in general cardiology including the assessment and treatment of coronary artery disease, cardiac rehabilitation, valve disease with abnormalities, high blood pressure and heart failure. Patients with symptoms due to established or suspected coronary… Read more »

  • More about cholesterol, and risk

    In assessing your risk of heart disease, your cholesterol level is important, but it’s far from being the whole story. The problem is that there is much more involved in accurate risk assessment than simply measuring your “good” and “bad” cholesterol.  Many other factors also need to be taken into consideration. Where someone’s cholesterol is… Read more »

  • Endocrinology: the “secret” speciality that affects every body

    Endocrinology is the ‘secret’ speciality that affects every body. It’s the branch of medicine concerned with hormones, which affect virtually every organ and function in the body. So patients with a very wide range of complaints – from diabetes to sudden unexplained weight gain – are referred to our world-class team of consultants specialising in… Read more »

  • Family GP service

    You might say the only old-fashioned thing at London Medical is our private Family GP service. Over more than 20 years, we’ve built a practice based on long-term relationships with patients, just like family doctors used to do. And you can see your GP without delay, at a time to suit you… Outstanding care, whenever… Read more »

  • Achieve your goals with our Type 1 Diabetes Care Plan

    Working in close collaboration with you, we will devise a personal treatment plan that will help you achieve sustained well-being and control over your condition, using the latest education and technological advances available. Our Care Plan pioneers a different approach for people with type 1 diabetes and is designed to help you achieve their goals… Read more »

  • Type 1 diabetes: why the London Diabetes Centre?

    If you have type 1 diabetes, we offer you an unrivalled combination of leading edge expertise and personalised long-term support and care, to help you manage your condition successfully, and achieve your goals. To be more specific about the reasons for choosing us: • The specialist experience of our consultants who specialise in Type 1… Read more »

  • Your personal Type 2 Diabetes Care Plan

    We’ll work closely with you to develop a personalised long-term Care Plan, designed to help you manage your condition successfully and achieve your goals. Personalised care:  As a member of the Care Plan, you will benefit from a package of care tailored specifically to your individual goals and needs. Speed: unlike the NHS, we’re able… Read more »

  • Type 2: why the London Diabetes Centre?

    Type 2 diabetes: why the London Diabetes Centre? Why choose us to help you learn how to manage your type 2 diabetes, and live successfully with the condition? Quite simply, because no other private clinic can provide all the specialist expertise, care and support that you need, under one roof. We are unique in having… Read more »