Ways to pay

London Medical welcomes patients who are self-paying, privately insured, or sponsored by their company, or embassy. Please see below for applicable terms and conditions.

Self-paying patients

It’s your responsibility to pay for appointments in full. We may request payment in advance, if we know the costs already. We accept cash, all major debit and credit cards, and personal cheques from UK residents.

Privately insured patients

We’ll contact your insurance provider for payment. Sometimes, your policy won’t cover the full amount – so in these circumstances, you’ll be responsible for settling any outstanding payments. It’s up to you to obtain pre-authorisation from your insurer and provide this to us before any treatment. Unfortunately, we can’t get this on your behalf, so you may need a GP referral. You authorise the clinic to submit claims relating to your treatment to your insurer on your behalf.

Our fee schedule is typically met by most insurance companies. However, as there are so many different policies around, it’s your responsibility to establish if your policy will cover the treatment, the costs, and if you’ll incur any shortfall. We’re happy to provide quotes upon request.

Embassy or company sponsored patients

We’ll contact your embassy or sponsor for payment. However, you’ll need to provide a signed ‘letter of guarantee’ from your sponsor before we perform any treatment. If your sponsor fails to cover the full amount of your treatment for any reason, you’ll be responsible for settling any outstanding amount.

Cancellation policy

If you fail to attend an appointment without letting us know, you may be charged a cancellation fee. Please note that you’ll be personally liable for any cancellation fees, and cannot claim them through your insurance or sponsor.

Please note: Consultants set their fees independently, and we collect them on their behalf.

London Medical Prices

Our tariff sheet provides a price guide to some of our most popular services. These prices may vary depending on your exact requirements, and you should confirm the costs of any treatment with your consultant. Please use Tariff Sheet to download.