What to expect

Our dedicated team will strive to make your visit is as comfortable as it can be. From initial contact, through to your welcome at reception and nurse assessment, we’ll do everything we can to ensure the care and attention you experience with us is extraordinary.

It almost goes without saying that your privacy and dignity is safeguarded at all times, and naturally, we uphold and respect the diversity of all our patients, their cultures, customs and religions. If you have any queries, requests or concerns before, during or after your visit, a member of the team will always be happy to help.

First time here?

Here are a few things to expect:

  • For your first appointment with us, we’ll ask you to complete a general registration form, so make sure you’ve got a note of any pertinent details to hand.
  • Please bring contact details for your GP, and any other doctors you want to receive a copy of your medical report.
  • It’s also useful for you to provide us with a list of any medications you are taking, or the actual medications if this is easier.