London Medical Eye Procedure Audit


London Medical has once again demonstrated our commitment to auditing patient outcomes in our key clinical procedures.

Intravitreal injections are the commonest procedure performed by ophthalmologists.

For the third time over the past 7 years, London Medical has audited the effectiveness of intravitreal injections and presented our results at a major international ophthalmological meeting. In July 2017, our latest audit was presented at the 101st Oxford Ophthalmological Congress.

All patients who started intravitreal anti-VEGF injections between 2013 and 2016 had their records analysed. Those with sufficient follow-up were included in the final analysis.

The commonest reason for these injections is to prevent visual loss in age-related macular degeneration. Not only was visual loss prevented with no serious complications in almost 1000 injections, but significant visual improvement was achieved by over half the patients. The mean vision gain at 12 months after starting injections was 10 ETDRS letters, matching the results of the landmark clinical trial when idealised clinical trial conditions are used and patients are cherry-picked.

For a real-life audit to match trial outcomes is an outstanding achievement. It shows the commitment of the ophthalmologists, the nursing staff and the clerical staff. Most of all, it shows that our patients make every effort to keep to the optimum intervals between injections as advised by their ophthalmologists. Such results are only achieved by a genuine multidisciplinary team effort.

We are grateful to everyone involved in this treatment and in publishing and presenting our results. We look forward to showcasing our world-leading outcomes in this vitally important treatment for an otherwise blinding disease with future audits, presenting the findings again at international meetings to encourage other units to aim for the best possible standards of patient care.

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David is an experienced General Manager, working for over 15 years in the private healthcare sector, managing healthcare property and facilities, ophthalmic hospitals and out-patient facilities.