Using high frequency sound waves, we can generate images from inside the body. This is known as sonography, or ultrasound, and can help us diagnose and examine many medical conditions.

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Ultrasound scanning assists doctors in the majority of medical investigations. It’s used in a variety of diagnostic procedures, from assessing arterial thickening, and blockages in arteries and veins in the lower limbs, to the investigation of the reproduction system. The renal tract, liver, and even musculoskeletal and sports injuries can all utilise ultrasound scanning technology. 

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How we can help

  • Our ultrasonographers can offer:

    • Abdominal Ultrasound – for gall stones and liver disease
    • Renal Ultrasound – for kidney stones, cysts and kidney disease
    • Aortic Ultrasound – to test for aortic aneurysm in those with a positive family history
    • Pelvic Ultrasound – for polycycstic ovarian disease and ovulation induction

    • Thyroid Ultrasound – for nodules, goitres and cancer management
    • Vascular Ultrasound lower limb (venous and arterial)
    • Carotid Ultrasound and intima media study – for cholesterol and heart disease protection
    • Echocardiography – for all heart problems and heart failure

Ultrasound Consultants

Dr Nyree Griffin

Dr Griffin has been a Consultant Radiologist at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation trust since 2008 and is the Regional Training Programme Director for Radiology for SE London. Her interests are in both abdominal and pelvic imaging and she has published extensively on both subjects.

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Dr Anmol Malhotra

Dr Anmol Malhotra is the radiology lead for breast imaging at Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. He has published and lectured on a wide variety of subjects globally.

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