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Welcome to London Medical

We’re proud to be London’s leading private medical clinic, and care deeply about making people feel their best. With flexible appointment options, and a huge range of specialist treatments, we always endeavour to help you quickly, masterfully, and personally.

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Friday 29th July PM

Today’s in house Doctors

  • Dr Ralph Abraham Cardiovascular disease prevention - Diabetes - Endocrinology - Lipid disorders

    Ralph has a lifetime's clinical experience, and has treated patients all over the globe. He is a renowned diabetes specialist, and founded London Medical in 1991.

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  • Mrs Elaine Lucas Optometry

    Elaine has run her specialist contact lens company from London Medical since 2011, and specialises in contact lens fitting for those with complicated corneal eye conditions.

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  • Mrs Samantha Mann Ophthalmology

    Samantha Mann is the Clinical Lead for the Diabetic Eye Screening Programme with 38,000 patients. She has also co-developed a number of Lucentis treatment programmes.

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  • Mr Raj Mookerjee Hepatology

    Mr Mookerjee focuses on the complications of chronic liver disease, and the evolution of liver failure. Integral to this process is understanding the role of infection in provoking organ injury.

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  • Dr Sarah Rae Rheumatology and osteoporosis

    Dr Rae is a Senior Registrar in Rheumatology and Rehabilitation. Her research interests are in back pain and osteoporosis. She is the author of 35 published articles.

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  • Dr Wasi Siddiqui General Practitioners - Private GPs (London) - Travel clinic

    Due to his broad medical experience over the last 20 years, Dr Siddiqui is confidently able to provide an excellent level of care to his patients in all situations, in and out of hours.

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  • Mr Nikos Stamos Physiotherapy

    Nikos holds a Masters in Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy from the University of Brighton, and a diploma in Injection Therapy from the University of Southampton.

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  • Professor Adnan Tufail Ophthalmology

    Professor Tufail is a leading UK ophthalmic surgeon. He is the clinical and research lead at Moorfields Eye Hospital for age-related macular degeneration, and has worked as a consultant here since 2002.

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  • Professor David O’Brart Ophthalmology

    Professor O'Brart trained in corneal and small-incision cataract surgery. He spent two years at the United Medical and Dental Schools, University of London, and received a Doctorate in Medicine.

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“Before I came to London Medical, I was afraid to go outside, my life felt as though it had been put on hold because of my illness. Now you’ll struggle to find me indoors.”

Janette Lawson, Central London Diabetes Patient

It’s very rare to meet a person who genuinely wants to help and take the time to really listen to you.

Holly Raymen, Whitechapel Endocrinology patient

I have lived in many countries in the past 10 years and I can say with 100% confidence, London Medical has been the best experience of any private medical facility I have been involved with. Thank you.

Doctor Katherine, Chiswick General medicine patient

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